2024 Adventures In Nature Student Photo Contest

2024 "Adventures in Nature" Student Photo Contest

Photograph by Aidan Yu

Seeking photos that showcase Arizona's natural beauty and wildlife.

$10,000 in cash prizes await the top 10 winners. 

Open to Arizona students ages 13-18.
Submissions will be accepted March 1-April 5th, 2024.
Learn more about the contest at Arizona's Family.


For details, please view OFFICIAL RULES. 

For questions and more information, contact Danielle Kagan at [email protected]

Partners: The Nature Conservancy Arizona, Arizona's Family
 and Arizona Highways.

Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy, Arizona's Family TV and Arizona Highways


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Photo by May Felty

Weathered tree frames Grand Canyon visitors

Location: Grand Canyon National Park

Photo by Andrea Guardi

I went behind my school, looking for the perfect shot in this litter of wildflowers, and noticed these white feathery flowers. I like this shot because of how rich the green foliage is and how light and airy the flowers feel.

Location: Andrada Polytechnic High School

Photo by Simon Melis

I found these Blue bell flowers while in a walk and thought they looked absolutely gorgeous.

Location: Tempe, Az

Photo by Teresa Gallegos

Took a break, and I saw the mountains and noticed how nice they looked with the clouds. Some were brightened by the sun and others covered by shade. I found it fascinating and thought was unique how the view was with everything combined.

Location: Salt River Canyon

Photo by Jacqueline Ventura

Location: Buffalo Ridge Park

Photo by Dace Boucher

This was taken in 2016.

Location: Mountain Lemon

Photo by Andrea Guardi

I was taking a hike near my house in Mount Fagan and noticed how the sunset hit the back of the chollas. It works like a hair light as the chollas turn to shadow and the sole subject is the sun, perfectly circular in the middle of them.

Location: Andrada Polytechnic High School

Photo by Marshall Berlin

A small bug venturing on a plant stem.

Location: Vail Arizona

Photo by Sebastian Guzman

This photo was taken of a parakeet who appears to be standing alone on a branch.

Location: World Wildlife Phoenix Zoo

Photo by May Felty

Sprig of green pine needles in red rock sand

Location: Sedona

Photo by Evan Wilson

flower and sky with a small spider on the flower

Location: Andrada Polytechnic High School

Photo by Wyatt Broyles

This is a picture of the Santa Rita mountains with Mt. Wrightson in the back. The snow is from the night before.

Location: Coronado National Forest