2024 Adventures In Nature Student Photo Contest

2024 "Adventures in Nature" Student Photo Contest

Photograph by Aidan Yu

Seeking photos that showcase Arizona's natural beauty and wildlife.

$10,000 in cash prizes await the top 10 winners. 

Open to Arizona students ages 13-18.
Submissions will be accepted March 1-April 5th, 2024.
Learn more about the contest at Arizona's Family.


For details, please view OFFICIAL RULES. 

For questions and more information, contact Danielle Kagan at [email protected]

Partners: The Nature Conservancy Arizona, Arizona's Family
 and Arizona Highways.

Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy, Arizona's Family TV and Arizona Highways


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Photo by Derek Jackson

Every time that I have to get up to go to school, I always get up early enough to see the sunrise in the morning and I always have my camera ready to take pictures of it.

Location: San Tan Valley

Photo by Madison Westover

The photograph was taken after the first snow in Flagstaff.
Winter 2024

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

Photo by Lucas Miller

Picture is taken at a split in the creek in fall, when the leaves are changing color.

Location: Haigler Creek, in Tonto National Forest

Photo by Chandler Bayens

A vibrant green vine, blurred in the mid ground, snakes its way into the frame from the right. A delicate purple-pink flower, with some fuzzy yellow in the center. A wasp, is the focal point, sharply in focus, rest on the flowers add a touch of tension to the scene.

Location: Sedona Red Rock High School

Photo by Derek Jackson

Me and my Mom planted some flowers in the backyard and every time they need to be watered, I turn on the mist feature of the hose which creates the droplets on the flowers and thought that it would make for a nice macro photo.

Location: San Tan Valley

Photo by Christian Vasquez

In February there was a little snowfall at the tips of the canyon making it a spectacular sight to see.

Location: The Grand Canyon

Photo by Fisayo Diji-Vaughan

Arizona is home to these adorable honeybees that are essential to keeping our flora blooming and thriving. It's important to remember how crucial these small creatures are to preserving the beauty of Arizona's natural landscape as we find new ways to preserve their species. My little sister and I found this cute worker bee one evening. I felt that nothing represented Arizona's natural beauty better than these hardworking creatures responsible for its stunning landscape.

Location: Queen Creek, Arizona

Photo by Christian Vasquez

This photo was taken on the way to flagstaff in the beginning of February the skies and snow was beautiful giving a magical feeling.

Location: Flagstaff

Photo by Joseph Elias

The deep mountain ranges of Arizona covered in lots of snow creates this art of a view.

Location: Sedona Arizona

Photo by Caitlin Barton

Bald eaglet watches its sibling rearrange its nest.

Location: Avondale, AZ

Photo by Micah Brewer II

While I was walking around a desert trail, I came across this flower in a dark bush. I really like the contrast so I photographed it.

Location: Sonoran Desert

Photo by Micah Brewer II

I was out walking in the desert when a patch of bright yellow flowers shone through the brown of the brush. I went off the trail a bit, and grabbed this photo of the ray of sunshine in the desert.

Location: Sonoran Desert