Arizona Highways has always accepted the kindness of strangers, readers and fans of Arizona. Submit your Arizona image for Photo of the Day or your image of any location for Global Snapshots. If your photo is submitted successfully, you'll see a "Thank You" page.

PLEASE NOTE: Arizona Highways does not accept images or other content generated via artificial intelligence (AI). AI-generated submissions will be rejected, and if a published submission is later determined to be AI-generated, it will be deleted. Arizona Highways reserves the right to reject future submissions from anyone who knowingly submits AI-generated work.


Photo of the Day selections are chosen from two pools of photos: those submitted on this page, and those entered in our annual photo contests. Not every photo submitted will be selected as a Photo of the Day. If your photo is selected, you will not receive an email notification, and we add several selections at a time in advance, so it may be several days (or weeks) before your photo appears on our site.


Global Snapshots submissions must display a copy of an Arizona Highways magazine or book and should also include the location where the photo was made and the name of anyone pictured. See examples here.

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Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.