2024 Adventures In Nature Student Photo Contest

2024 "Adventures in Nature" Student Photo Contest

Photograph by Aidan Yu

Seeking photos that showcase Arizona's natural beauty and wildlife.

$10,000 in cash prizes await the top 10 winners. 

Open to Arizona students ages 13-18.
Submissions will be accepted March 1-April 5th, 2024.
Learn more about the contest at Arizona's Family.


For details, please view OFFICIAL RULES. 

For questions and more information, contact Danielle Kagan at [email protected]

Partners: The Nature Conservancy Arizona, Arizona's Family
 and Arizona Highways.

Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy, Arizona's Family TV and Arizona Highways


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Photo by Lisa Nie

This picture is took in Phoenix Az. it was in a sunny day when I took it. The sign of "PHOENIX" and the "Cactus" symbolize Arizona.

Location: Phoenix Sign, Usery Mountain

Photo by Bryce serrano

I liked the weather and its normally not rainy for Arizona weather.

Location: Tucson

Photo by Carter Nestvold

Looking out over the Mogollon Rim from the Mogollon Rim Viewpoint you can see the mountain range including some smoke coming from a forest fire which was started by lightning but became a controlled burn.

Location: Mogollon Rim

Photo by Emeri Valenzuela

It's a duck at the Sweetwater Wetlands that caused a ripple when it dipped its head underwater.

Location: Sweetwater Wetlands Park, AZ

Photo by Bryce serrano

I found purple flowers in a wide area of yellow ones, I thought the way the purple ones were out of place wouldve made for a good photo.

Location: Tucson

Photo by Michael Simon

A large saguaro cactus in the foreground draws attention away from Picacho Peak

Location: Picacho Peak State Park

Photo by Dace Boucher

To all passengers you should look out the left side of the jet and look and you should see a rain storm.

Location: On my way to Las Vegas about 10 min after take off

Photo by Brittany Gall

The snow clears to show a beautiful view of the mountain.

Location: Mt. Lemon

Photo by Toby Glickman

This picture was made on Thanksgiving day in Marana, Arizona, just North of Tucson Arizona. This picture represents Arizona with the iconic Saguaro cactus in the background with another iconic Arizona icon, a pool; it is full of AZ sunset color to tie it all together.

Location: Marana Arizona

Photo by Ivan Ehman

After walking through wash for 30 minutes and finding nothing worthy of an " Arizona Highways " submission I was giving up and heading back home. But as soon as I started my sad walk back I noticed a rabbit cautiously wander across my walking path and into a rusty pipe ( no sharp pieces from what i saw inside ) and then poke his head out through the other side. Seeing this as my chance I sneak up to the pipe entrance, set my settings and take a couple of photos of him inside the pipe. He stayed there for me and let me get all the photos I wanted. Now as i submit this photo, not the one originally intended for submission as my files got corrupted, I realize how nice he was to stay there for me.

Location: In the Tucson desert

Photo by Zoe Zamora

Location: Tucson, AZ

Photo by Cielle Begay

Location: Page, AZ