Kelly Vaughn

Rumor has it that firefighters know where to eat. See a firetruck parked outside a restaurant, and — absent an emergency inside — you can bet the restaurant is dishing up something delicious.

In Yuma, the adage is a little different. It's agricultural workers who are the arbiters of excellent grub. And on most days, you'll find them lunching at La Fonda Restaurant and Tortilla Factory.

Severo Hurtado knew a thing or two about the Mexican-food industry. Having worked in his parents' tamale factory, he learned the ins and outs of preparing an authentic Mexican meal from a young age. So, it was only natural that he and his wife, Gloria, would open a place of their own when they moved to Yuma.

In 1940, they established La Fonda as a tortilla and tamale factory, designing its logo in Gloria's image. Later, it evolved into a deli. Now, it's a full-fledged restaurant, and current owners Frank and Connie Ramos have worked hard to maintain the restaurant's originality and history.

Gloria ran the restaurant for several years after Severo's passing and sold the business to the Ramoses in 1982, who keep the restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

In addition to typical Mexican fare — fiery carne asada burritos, chicken enchiladas, chiles rellenos — La Fonda also continues its tortilla tradition. Each day, the kitchen crew arrives before dawn to churn out thousands of the flat flour and corn discs.

Business Information

1095 S. Third Avenue
Yuma, AZ
United States