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Letters to the Editor

March 2014
July 2014
Your story on the recovery after the Yarnell Hill Fire [After the Smoke Cleared, July 2014] touched my heart and restored my faith in humanity. Too often we hear negative news and we forget that we are all in this together. Seeing how people donated their time, money and effort shows me the true spirit of real Americans.

Meria Heller, Payson, Arizona

I would like to thank you for a very interesting magazine, which is sent to me from a friend who lives in Phoenix. I see in the July 2014 edition [Letters to the Editor] that a Duncan Jackson from Nailsea, England, is unable to renew his subscription. If I could have his address,
I could possibly send him my copies once I have read them.

Tony Prestwood, Louth Lincolnshire, England

Editor's Note: Thank you for kindness, Tony. You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve had a flood of emails from fellow subscribers who offered to pay for Mr. Jackson’s subscription. Among the many are Bruce, Jere, Carolyn, Larry, Kitty, Rebecca, Rich, Charlie, Tammy, Ted, Bill, Mary, Patrick, Allen, Claire, Shellee, Nancy, Tom, Tim, Mark, Joe and Susan. On behalf of Mr. Jackson and everyone at Arizona Highways, thanks to all of you for your generosity.

I enjoyed the article On the Wagon Road [June 2014] and plan to visit the tracks of the Beale expedition on my next trip to Arizona. May I offer a minor correction to page 42? The camel driver and engraver Peachy Gilmer Breckinridge was not the son of Vice President John C. Breckinridge. John lived in Kentucky; Peachy was a native of Virginia and attended Virginia Military Institute. John was born in 1821; Peachy was born in 1835. John would have had to conceive his son at age 13, an unlikely feat even for a youthful vice president. Peachy’s family spelled its surname “Breckenridge,” although Peachy did not always do so, as his signature on El Morro Rock in New Mexico indicates.

Mark Farber, Ph.D., Redondo Beach, California

Your article [This One’s for Harvey, June 2014] brought back memories of a person I once was close to and will never forget. I was a student at Northern Arizona University from 1964-65, majoring in math. As I was by that time in my junior and senior years of undergrad and taking many upper-division math courses, Dr. Butchart taught most of the courses I was taking. He was a wonderful teacher and an interesting person. What I remember most about him are the numerous times I spent after classes talking with him. We would usually start with me asking questions about various math concepts, but soon we would be discussing hikes in the Grand Canyon. I was a hiker, too, but not even close to his skill level. I can say with certainty that I would not have succeeded in getting a B.S. degree in math if not for Dr. Butchart. It is very rare to find the head of a university department teaching undergrad courses, and rarer still for him/her to spend literally hours talking with the students after class.

Peter Wood, Arlington, Virginia

My husband and I are originally from Wisconsin and New York but lived in Florida for over 40 years. We decided to move to Prescott four years ago, and your magazine has assisted us with so much wonderful information about Arizona. We have taken many day trips based on what we have read in your magazine. The history here is as deep as is the Colorado River.

Deborah Pusch, Prescott, Arizona

Yesterday I kicked back to enjoy my newest issue of your great magazine. As always, I read the Letters to the Editor, and I must say that I totally disagree with Mr. Rinehart’s letter [July 2014] regarding this issue. As an Arizona native with nature photography as my hobby, I so appreciated the flower story [May Flowers, May 2014], including the technological information at the bottoms of the photographs. Not everyone uses a smartphone to take pictures, and that information comes in handy for those of us who still use cameras. Also, I don’t feel that Arizona Highways was trying to suggest that wildflowers are the only thing that makes Arizona and the magazine unique. I have to wonder if Mr. Rinehart is from Arizona, and whether he is or isn’t, how could he not enjoy the awesome flower photographs — all 15 pages of them.

Linda Gist, Payson, Arizona

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