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Letters to the Editor

March 2014
June 2014
Good work with On the Wagon Road [June 2014]. Your readers might be interested to learn about an additional exploit of Edward Fitzgerald Beale. On July 1, 1848, Beale became the designated courier of California gold to be delivered to the federal government in Washington, D.C. Traveling (in disguise) across Mexico, he delivered American River samples on September 16, 1848, thus confirming the strike — the “rush” was on.

Harold James, Georgetown, Texas

When I opened the current issue of Arizona Highways [May 2014] to The Journal, I was brought to tears by the sight of the beautiful stars above Glen Canyon. I now live in Southern California, where, because of the bright night light, we can only see a few of the brightest stars. I miss them. I grew up in Missouri in the ’30s and ’40s, where we had great night skies, but I have actually forgotten what the Milky Way looks like. I am presently not well enough to travel where I could see stars again, so every time your wonderful photographers include the stars in their pictures, I am able to see and enjoy something I miss very much.

Alice E. Davis, Irvine, California

I expect you’ll get several comments on the hotshot article [Odd Jobs, June 2014]. I enjoyed it, and my compliments go out to Derek Schloss. As a retired forester, I know what it is to fight forest fires. Granted, my day was a long time ago, but I do believe your photographer posed Mr. Schloss for the photo. In my day, for safety purposes, we did not carry an unsheathed tool on our shoulder. We always carried them in our hand, sheathed, down by our side. In case we slipped, we could toss it out to the side as we were falling and hopefully not cut ourselves. I started my firefighting days in the late ’50s on the North Kaibab. That inspired me to become a forester. Later, I was timber staff officer on the Apache-Sitgreaves. Now, my wife and I spend winters in Tucson. We thoroughly enjoy your magazine. Keep up the good work.

Jerry Hustead, Aloha, Oregon

Your story about Leave No Trace in the June 2014 issue [Do Not Disturb] was a great reminder for all visitors — no matter where they spend time in our great outdoors — to pack out their trash. Channel 8 [KAET, Phoenix] recently had a very informative show about beavers and how little streams can be made big by their engineering skills. Do you think adding a beaver or two to Fossil Creek would be a plus? In the show, beavers created a river from a stream in the desert in Nevada. Just a thought.

Nancy Rinehimer, Queen Creek, Arizona

Make no mistake, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Summer Hiking Guide [June 2014], and I’m contemplating my next visit home to Arizona, but I also have a couple of concerns this month. Ironically, you wisely assert “Rule No. 1: Never hike alone,” but every photo shows a solitary hiker. Yes, I know there’s a photographer, but the pictures controvert the rule. I was mostly amused. Less amusing was the piece titled Don’t Try This at Home, especially the climber in Sedona and the hiker at Rainbow Bridge, which is sacred to the Navajos. Couple that with your story titled Do Not Disturb, and I find myself disturbed, even offended. I am going to hope you meant to raise questions about whether and how people should engage with their environment. I understand the purpose that Arizona Highways serves. I am grateful for every issue, I study every photograph and I look forward to someday returning home to Tucson, but I think you need to watch closely the actual message you are delivering. Meantime, I’ll assume the subjects in Don’t Try This at Home had the proper permits.

Skip Crouse, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

I enjoyed your article [Prescott: Still Not as Old as the Hills, May 2014], especially the way it was written, with little bits on different subjects, which made the reading fun. By the way, the town of Deer Trail (just east of Denver) also claims to have had the first rodeo.

Eric Hall, Boulder, Colorado

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